Article Title

Penny and Her Doll


Elle Snedigar


Excellent, Primary, Kevin Henkes, Dolls, Mice, Family Life

Document Type

Book Review


Penny is out in the garden with her mother smelling the roses when the mailman arrives with a package. He announces that the package is for Penny. Hooray! Penny opens the package, and with mama, reads the note inside. The package is from Gram! Penny opens the beautiful paper up to find a sweet doll with pink cheeks. Penny is faced with a big decision; what will she name her new doll? She thinks about it, and even asks her parents, but she cannot seem to find a name! Papa assures her that she will think of a fitting name very soon. Penny decides to take her doll on a tour of her home. While in the garden, Penny decides on the perfect name for her new doll.