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Becky Burr


Dependable, Young Adult, Laura L. Sullivan, Magic, World War II, Fiction

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Book Review


What do you get when you mix two sisters, magicians, World War II, and love? Laura L. Sullivan creates a Harry Potteresque story of two sisters, Phil and Fee, who work with their family as illusionists in England during the 1940's. However, when bombs strike London, the sisters are shipped off to the countryside. Quite by accident they discover a magician's school of all men. Fee falls for Thomas, and Phil falls for Arden, but tries to hide her feelings. After all, how can there be a happy ending for a non-magic commoners and a magician who is sworn to live a life dedicated to the magic power of the "Essence" as they call it? Phil tries to persuade these men to help use their magic to win the war on the Nazi's and save England.