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Year of the Jungle


Liz Kazandzhy


Significant Shortcomings, Primary, Intermediate, Suzanne Collins, James Proimos, Military & Wars, Parents, Emotions, Vietnam War, Picture Book, Family

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Book Review


The Year of the Jungle is a children’s book written by Suzanne Collins (author of The Hunger Games) about the mental journey of a little girl, Suzy, trying to make sense of her father’s deployment into Vietnam. At first, ideas about “the jungle” where he’s located are pleasant and interesting, but over time, Suzy starts to get worried. People react funny when she tells them where her father is, and his postcards start coming more rarely and have a worried tone to them. One day, Suzy sees on TV what’s really going on in Vietnam and becomes more and more afraid. Finally her father comes home, though she notices he’s sometimes not as mentally present as he is physically. However, they’re finally a family again and slowly get back into their usual routines.