Article Title

We Were Liars


Sydnee Burr


Dependable, Young Adult, Emily Lockhart, Death, Dying, Emotional Distress, Depression, Cousins, Family

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Book Review


Three cousins and one friend, nicknamed The Liars, spend summer after summer splashing in the water on the Sinclair family island off the coast of South Carolina. Growing up in a world where money isn't an object, The Liars soon find out that possessions can take hold of hearts, and can turn sister against sister and father against daughter. At the end of a particularly argumentative summer where nearly all the adults were focused only on the estate and inheritance, The Liars, now fifteen, come up with a plan to remind everyone what is actually important. Cady, one of The Liars, has a swimming accident, loses her memory, and is torn from everyone who matters to her. The readers discover the road of pain pills, depression, and recovering from mental illness with Cady as she struggles to remember what actually happened at the end of that fateful summer.