Sydnee Burr


Outstanding, Young Adult, Georg Rauch, Soldiers, Austria, World War II, Prisoners, Personal Narratives, Judaism

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Book Review


Georg Rauch's maternal grandmother was a Jew, thus making him Jewish by tradition. Because his father was a captain in World War I, Rauch's family was spared the concentration camps, but not the horrors of battle. At age 19, Rauch leaves his family, and the other Jews hiding in their attic, to fight for Hitler. When he makes his heritage known to his superiors, he is sent to the front lines. In a detailed, but non-grotesque, account, Georg Rauch helps the reader experience first hand what it would have been like to fight in the trenches during World War II, starve in a prison camp, and to finally see their home again, through blurred vision and alive, but an old man in a 21 year old body.