Article Title

Tullulah's Toe Shoes


Whitney Troxel


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Marilyn Singer, Alexandra Boiger, Ballet, Pointe Shoes, Dance, Picture Book

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Book Review


After watching the Lilac Fairy dance in the Sleeping Beauty ballet, Tallulah desperately wants to learn to dance on pointe—on her toes. However, Tallulah’s mom and dance teacher tell her she needs to wait until she’s a little older. Determined to prove them wrong, Tallulah takes a pair of old pointe shoes out of the trash after dance class. She tries on the pointe shoes once she gets home, but she can’t seem to stay up on her toes. When she does manage to dance on pointe her feet hurt terribly. Feeling discouraged, Tallulah returns to dance class the next week where she talks to the girl that danced the part of the Lilac Fairy in the ballet. The Lilac Fairy talks to Tallulah that dancing on pointe takes practice and her feet hurt at first too. Tallulah returns to her ballet class with renewed vigor and determination.