Article Title

Stolen Magic


Bryn Stephens


Outstanding, Intermediate, Gail Carson Levine, Dragons, Ogres, Thieves, Detectives, Mystery

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Book Review


The Replica has been stolen! Without this magical object Zertrum Mountain will explode, putting the island in grave danger. Luckily, Elodie is traveling to her home on the island with her Masteress, the dragon Meenore, and her friend Count Jonty Um, an ogre. Since Meenore specializes in finding lost items and people, they immediately volunteer their services in finding the thief and the Replica. Count Jonty Um travels to warn the people near Zertrum Mountain to evacuate while Meenore and Elodie join up with young Master Robbie to search for the thief and question everyone in the Oase. After investigating for a while Meenore leaves to find Count Jonty Um, who has been held up due to a misunderstanding, and they both end up trying to rescue as many people as they can from the fiery mountain. Elodie and Master Robbie are left alone to discover the thief, or possibly even thieves, and must do so before anyone gets hurt anymore. With their combined efforts and the help of many others they discover the thieves, find the Replica, and restore it to its proper place before the mountain explodes entirely. After this adventure they separate, leaving Count Jonty Um to help the people of the area and Meenore and Elodie to travel to Elodie's parents home to rest before starting on their next adventure.