Article Title

Pivot Point


Nancy Haight


Excellent, Young Adult, Kasie West, Fiction, Divorce, Choices, High School, Love, Texas

Document Type

Book Review


Life is good for Addie, living in a city for those with extra-abilities, until she arrives home from school and her parents announce that they are getting a divorce. Dad will be moving out to the normal world and Addie must make the decision of whether to live with her mother or her father. Addie’s extra-ability is that she can see two different results of a decision for herself and then decide which future she wants. She rarely uses this, but decides this is a good time to check ahead six weeks. After seeing both options for her future, Addie chooses to stay with her mother and watches with trepidation as events evolve which she has seen and hopes she can change to save her friend. After several tense situations and events, Addie is able to change the future she had seen, although she almost loses her own life in the process.