Nancy Haight


Excellent, Young Adult, Kasie West, Fiction, Choices, High School, Love, Texas

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Book Review


Addie moves to the normal world, where no one has special abilities, to live with her dad. The difficulty is that she previously saw how a different decision (in Pivot Point) would have put her together with an attractive boy at her new school. Now, she must figure out how to make that attractive future happen without scaring him off. Along the way, she discovers that her grandfather, who supposedly died in heroic circumstances, is living in the normal world. Can she trust her father who has perpetuated this lie? When her friends arrive for a visit, complications develop and they are soon left wondering if they can trust anyone. In the end, Addie and her friends find themselves scrambling for their lives, running from a false grandfather and those who govern the extra-ability part of the world. The attractive young man helps Addie and chooses to be with her.