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Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Primary, Orna Landau, Omer Hoffmann, Leopard, Sickness, Zoo, Picture Book, Family

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Book Review


Sadie is pretty sure that she is sick and won’t be able to go to kindergarten. Mama tries to figure out why Sadie is sick, and Sadie starts to turn into a leopard. She has leopardpox! Sadie’s brothers suggest taking her to the doctor so they take her to a pediatrician, but the other parents don’t want a leopard there and the pediatrician says he’s only a doctor for children. Instead they go to the animal clinic, but the veterinarian doesn’t have a solution for them so they take her to the zoo. When Mama says that a leopard should stay with her own mother, they decide to go home instead and decide to take care of Sadie themselves. Finally Sadie turns into a little girl again, but now Mama’s caught leopardpox too!