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Bear Says Thanks


Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Karma Wilson, Jane Chapman, Animals, Bears, Friendship, Gratitude, Thanksgiving, Picture Book

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Book Review


Bear wants to make a feast for his friends, but when he discovers that his cupboards are bare, he doesn’t know what to do. But soon Mouse stops by with a tasty little treat, followed by Hare with muffins, Badger with fish, and all the rest of Bear’s pals with other platters of scrumptious food. Bear says “Thanks!” every time but then gets disappointed that he has nothing to share with them in return. But the other animals aren’t worried about it—they’re just grateful that he’s their friend. The group settles down to a delicious feast and enjoy friendly conversations with lots of laughter, love, and (of course) gratitude.