Liz Kazandzhy


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Jim Tobin, Dave Coverly, Manners, Language, Picture Book, Humor

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Book Review


Michael is a boy that collects words. Every day he discovers all kinds of different words, and then takes them home and puts them in his room. One day, he came across a word on the bus that he had never heard before, and he soon learned that it’s an “inappropriate” word. He put it away before using it, but then he started noticing that word everywhere he went. He decided to try it out at school, and soon all the kids were passing it around. It was all fun and games until the teacher found out and disciplined Michael by sending him to the library to find new spelling words. But there he found so many new and fascinating words that he completely lost track of the inappropriate word, bringing home instead whole wagons full of new vocabulary.