Torin Kelley


Excellent, Young Adult, Ari Berk, Death, Teens, Fathers

Document Type

Book Review


Silas Umber's world is turned upside down when his father mysteriously disappears. In response to disappearance of his father, Silas withdraws from this friends and family. However, things start to change for Silas when his uncle invites him and his mother to move in with him in his mansion in Lichport, the same city where his father had worked. While searching for his father, Silas finds a watch that allows him to see the dead. Silas discovers his father's role as the town's undertaker and soon he is expected to take over his father's role of caring for the dead in their passing. To find out what really happened to his father, Silas must free himself from distractions. Through this journey Silas learns how to handle hardships, serve others, and emerges with a clearer perspective on life.