Liz Kazandzhy


Dependable, Primary, Wendy Loggia, Gabriella Matta, Studio Iboix, Sleeping Beauty, Chapter Book, Royalty, Princess, Disney

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Book Review


It’s almost been a year since Aurora moved in the castle with the fairies after marrying Prince Phillip. When Aurora overhears the fairies talking about how much they miss the old cottage, Aurora decides to throw them a surprise party, right before her own birthday party. She takes notes of what they miss the most—forget-me-not flowers, fresh strawberries, and how the birds used to sing—and makes plans to incorporate those into her party. The hardest part is keeping all of this a secret from the fairies! Aurora enlists the help of her husband to creatively keep the fairies distracted while she makes trips into the cottage to find all the needed items. Finally, the castle staff joins together to make all the necessary preparations, and when the secret party is finally revealed to the three fairies, they are absolutely delighted and everyone has a wonderful time celebrating.