Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Preschool, Charlotte Voake, Octopus, Giraffe, Warthog, Crocodiles, Mole, Worm, Pets, Picture Book, Elephants, Humor

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Book Review


People can have all kinds of different pets. Melissa has an octopus, but it’s not very suitable because he makes such a mess in the bathroom. Thomas has a mole, but the mole is always making tunnels and so is difficult to find. Betty can’t ever find her chameleon. Arthur’s warthog does exactly what it wants. Caroline has to use a ladder to hug her pet giraffe, and Simon’s doesn’t know which end of his worm he is supposed to talk to. Peter’s elephant is sometimes way too heavy. With all of these unsuitable pets, though, a crocodile that could eat its owners could be the most unsuitable pet of all!