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Nancy Haight


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Gordon Korman, Cloning, Experiments, Criminals, Choices, Teens, New Mexico

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Book Review


Eli Frieden lives in the most perfect town in the world, Serenity, New Mexico, where there is no crime, nothing bad ever happens, and honesty and integrity are valued above everything else. Then, Eli tries to slip out of town with his mischievous best friend, Randy, and becomes really sick before being rescued by the security team from the one business in town. Randy is sent to a boarding school in Colorado leaving a message left which gets Eli thinking and wondering about many things in Serenity. Pretty soon a group of classmates are investigating how things work around town and wondering what is going on. The friends discover that they are part of a scientific experiment to explore whether genes or environment have a stronger effect on human development. Each of the kids is cloned from a murderer’s DNA! Feeling betrayed, Eli and his friends decide they must leave town and find Randy in Colorado. They manage to elude their parents and the security team and reach Colorado.