Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Primary, Kate Egan, Magician Mike Lane, Eric Wight, Magic, Magicians, Talent Show, Stage Fright, Bullies

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Book Review


Mike is thrilled when he gets the chance to show off magic tricks through the school talent show, but he’s not sure why Nora won’t do the magic show with him. He finds out that Nora has terrible stage fright, especially when the school bully, Jackson, is in the audience making fun of them. She refuses to participate in Mike’s act so Mike has to find a new friend, Adam, to help him with the show. He also realizes that as her friend, it is his job to help Nora find some way to conquer her stage fright so that she can also participate in the show. Even when things go wrong in the performance, Mike learns that he can turn things around and make magic happen.