Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Intermediate, Christopher Healy, Todd Harris, Princes, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Adventure, Bards, Witches

Document Type

Book Review


It’s not easy being a Prince Charming, especially when the bards can’t get your story right and things don’t work out with your princess. In spite of being called “Prince Charming” by the bards, four princes have to leave their homes when the bards focus on the unheroic parts of their stories. Liam finds out that Sleeping Beauty is actually a cruel leader, Prince Frederic cannot impress Ella (Cinderella) because he’d rather dance than fight with a sword, Gustav has to be rescued by Rapunzel, and Duncan isn’t settling into married life with Snow White as well as he would like. The unpopular princes come together to save the bards and their kingdoms from trolls, bandits, dragons, and Rapunzel’s witch while becoming the kind of heroes that no one expected them to be.