Liz Kazandzhy


Dependable, Primary, Sarah Nathan, Andrea Cagol, Studio Iboix, Aladdin, Chapter Book, Royalty, Princess, Magic, Disney

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Book Review


Jasmine wants to surprise her husband Aladdin for his birthday with the final missing coin of his beloved coin collection. The day of his birthday celebration, she and her tiger Rajah fly on the Magic Carpet to a nearby city Zagrabah to retrieve it. All seems to be going well until the Magic Carpet all the sudden breaks down, leaving the Princess and Rajah stranded in the desert. After moving past some dangerous creatures and enlisting the help of some kind camels, they arrive in Zagrabah, find the man who gives them the coin, find another man who fixes the Magic Carpet, and then all fly back to the palace together. Aladdin is thrilled about Jasmine’s surprise, and he and his friends go off to enjoy his huge birthday celebration.