Article Title

The Hero's Trail


Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, T.A. Barron, Heroes, Characters, Values, Nonfiction

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Book Review


T. A. Barron takes readers on a mountain hike that is unlike any trail they have ever encountered. This climb is not about testing physical abilities or enjoying the view. This special path leads readers to the heights of true heroism. But that footpath needs to be strictly defined. The media is confusing youth with false tracks leading them to think that famous celebrities are real heroes. With Barron’s guiding hand, readers traverse a well-trodden, safe route showcasing the attributes of both past, present, and fictional heroes. These attributes are courage, perseverance, generosity, compassion, and hope. With each section of the road readers trek, they meet countless individuals whose inspiriting stories bring enlightenment, direction, and definition to the hero’s trail.