Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Intermediate, Jody Feldman, Gollywhopper Games, Competition, Puzzles, Logic, Math, Football

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Book Review


Zane isn’t that interested in the Gollywhopper Games. He is a football player, and his big dream is to play in the NFL until his second concussion prevents him from playing football for a year. He’s not sure what he’s going to be able to do with his life, so when he gets an opportunity to compete in the Gollywhopper Games, he decides to use his skills of determining strategy to win the Games to make up for not being able to play football. In these Gollywhopper Games, the challenges involve friends who can help them succeed and foes that make it more difficult, but the Gollywhopper officials are trying to find the foe in their midst that has been sabotaging the games. Zane makes friends and solves puzzles as he competes in the games.