Article Title

A Nearer Moon


Tessa McMillan


Dependable, Intermediate, Melanie Crowder, Water Spirits, Magic, Sisters, Fantasy, Family

Document Type

Book Review


Perdita and Pelagia are sister water sprites thriving along the jungle riverbanks. When the sprite community temporarily open a portal into another world, Perdita is left behind and she loses a locket that could transport her back to Pelagia’s side. Perdita’s loss and loneliness overwhelm her, causing her to curse the tributaries into a sludge-filled swamp. Several decades later, Luna and her little sister, Willow, are boating near Perdita’s lair when Willow swallows the cursed water. Consuming this water will kill anyone within three weeks. Not wanting to watch Willow die, Luna searches for a cure. Unfortunately, many have failed to find an antidote. But Luna’s persistence leads her to Perdita’s lair, where she offers herself in exchange for Willow’s life. But Perdita notices her locket tacked onto Luna’s boat. Perdita opens the locket and is returned to her sister. Perdita’s departure lifts the curse, healing both Willow and the jungle waterways.