Article Title

The Girl at Midnight


Aylea Stephens


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Melissa Grey, Fantasy, Dragons, Birds, Orphans, Alternate Reality

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Book Review


Echo has no family except for the secret race of people that live underneath the streets of New York City. These people, the Avicen, have fathers and have been in a long war with the Drakharins, a dragon-like people. Echo lives mostly alone, spending her days traveling by magic to different parts of the world in order to steal things. When she steals something unusual, she learns the legend of the firebird, possibly the one thing that can win victory for the Avicen. In her quest to find the firebird and follow the clues, she has to team up with a few Drakharins who are determined to stop the war and to save them all from the Dragon Prince’s bloodlust. Through their team efforts, they are able to succeed in their goal to find the firebird, but they discover that finding the firebird isn’t the whole solution to their problem.