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Amanda Shrum


Dependable, Young Adult, Kevin Emerson, Rock Groups, Music, Dating, Band

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Book Review


Torn between trying to please her conventional parents and following her dreams of becoming a rock band manager, Catherine Summer Carlson struggles to juggle school, music, and her love life while attending Mount Hope High’s PopArts Academy. After falling for fellow student, the dreamy Caleb Daniels, the two begin developing a new band, Dangerheart. But there is more to Caleb then meets the eye. He happens to be the son of Eli White, the lead singer of the legendary band Allegiance to the North before his drug habit lead to his death at 22. Summer and Caleb end up on a quest Eli set for his son in order to find his last, unreleased songs. Along the way, Summer is tempted by glamorous internships and becomes jealous of Val, a girl who has a special connection with Caleb. By the time the first song is found, Val is revealed to be Eli White’s daughter and the three main characters find themselves bound together by their love of music.