Article Title

Exclamation Mark


Liz Kazandzhy


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Tom Lichtenheld, Friendship, Self-Esteem, Grammar, Picture Book

Document Type

Book Review


This is the story about an exclamation mark. He did everything he could to fit in with the periods, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, when he was ready to pack up and run away, he crosses paths with a question mark, who (naturally) starts asking him questions. Annoyed by all the interrogation, the exclamation mark yells for him to stop… thus finding his true voice! He starts to experiment with exclamations, starting from a little “Hi!” and making his way to bigger and louder words like “Congratulations!” He races back to show the other grammar signs what he can do, and they stare at him with admiration before he goes off again to continue his exciting, exclamatory life.