Liz Kazandzhy


Dependable, Primary, Kitty Richards, Studio Iboix, Cinderella, Chapter Book, Royalty, Princess, Disney

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Book Review


Cinderella still seems to be getting used to life as a princess at the castle, a life much different than the one she lived as a servant to her step-family. One day, the Prince and King go on a trip to a neighboring kingdom, which unfortunately is also right when they get word that the King’s mother, Grandmama, is coming to town. They leave Cinderella to meet Grandmama on her own for the first time, and Cinderella is desperate to make a good first impression. Grandmama had expressed her excitement to see Cinderella in the tiara she gave as a wedding present, but when Cinderella starts looking for it in the castle, she can’t find it anywhere! To make matters worse, when Grandmama finally comes, it seems as if Cinderella does everything wrong. When the two of them go to the theater, Cinderella is shocked to see her tiara and then attempts to retrieve it without letting Grandmama know what she’s doing. In the end, the truth finally comes out from both of them—Cinderella confesses how she lost the tiara, and Grandmama reveals another tiara and confesses that the first one was fake. They apologize for not being honest with each other, and soon the Prince and King return and they all laugh about the humorous situation that had caused them so much stress.