Article Title

Between the Notes


Katelyn Osborn


Dependable, Young Adult, Sharon Huss Roat, Teen Romance, Music, Stage Fright, Riches-To-Rags, Friendship, Disabilities

Document Type

Book Review


Ivy Emerson has a nice, predictable life. She has a close group of friends, her piano, and her loving family, including her disabled brother, Brady. Despite her intense stage fright, her life is perfect. That is, until her parents break the news that that life no longer exists. Before she knows it, her family has sold most of their possessions and moved out of their large, beautiful home and she ends up in Lakeside, the poor neighborhood in town no one likes. Between adjusting to her new lifestyle, keeping up appearances with her judgmental friends, enjoying the attention of the cutest boy in school, James, and avoiding interactions with her new neighbor “Loser” Lennie and his gang, Ivy feels herself changing into someone she doesn’t recognize. By finding the courage to conquer her stage fright and help her family, she learns that though the move to Lakeside has changed her, that change has been for the better.