Article Title

Being Friends with Boys


Lauren Johnson


Dependable, Young Adult, Terra Elan McVoy, Realistic Fiction, Relationships, Music

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Book Review


Charlotte is just Oliver’s lowly band manager until the “golden summer” before junior year, when she starts writing songs with cute new bandmate Trip. But when the school year begins, Trip unexpectedly quits not just the band, but his friendship with Char, too. Without Trip, Char struggles to write. Then her new band members encourage her to sing, and soon she is embracing a new role as lead singer in the band. Suddenly the former high-school nobody is the girl everyone wants to know, but nasty rumors lead to a major falling out with Oliver, and Char leaves the band. They reconcile just in time for their biggest performance of the year, where Trip reveals the feelings he’s had for Char all along, and Char learns that the best kind of boy friend is the one who loves you just the way you are.