Article Title

Trick or Treat, Marley!


Aylea Stephens


John Grogan, Richard Cowdrey, Dogs, Marley, Halloween, Pumpkins, Candy, Picture Book

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Book Review


Cassie, Louis, Mommy, and Daddy are especially excited for Halloween because this year they are throwing a party for all of their friends. Everyone, including Marley, wants to help Mommy get ready. First they carve a pumpkin, and Marely gets his head stuck in the pumpkin. When the family tries to decorate, Marley pops all the balloons and destroys the confetti. Marley bobs for apples, steals the tail instead of playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and finds all the hidden candy before the kids do. However, in the end, Marley and the rest of the family still have a good Halloween.