Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Preschool, Helen Lester, Lynn Munsinger, Penguins, Halloween, Tacky The Penguin, Spooky, Picture Book

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Book Review


Halloween is coming to the penguins in Nice Icy Land, so the penguins have decided to turn their igloo into a haunted igloo for their trick-or-treaters. Goodly and Lovely decorate their home with Halloween decorations and Angel, Neatly, and Perfect make all kinds of spooky treats. Tacky ate the treats. The penguins need to choose scary costumes so that they can be the one to haunt their igloo, so they all dress up as things that they are afraid of. But Tacky can’t think of anything that scares him. When something really scary comes to their door, there are no yummy treats to give them. Tacky’s scary costume is what it will take to save the day for all of the penguins.