Liz Kazandzhy


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Andy Runton, Bugs, Spiders, Birds, Friendship, Books Without Words, Picture Book, Fear

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Book Review


All that Owly and Wormy want is to see the stars. They begin looking through a telescope near their treehouse, but when they realize the trees get in the way of the stars, they pack up their gear and head to an open area the next day to try again. Unfortunately, it starts to rain, so they seek shelter in a nearby cave, only to become frightened at the strange noises coming from within. They run back to their previous spot until the rain lets up, but then they realize they lost their telescope in all the commotion. Wormy guards the tent while Owly goes to look for it. Soon Owly gets lost but thankfully finds some friends that help him find his way, the bats that had frightened them earlier in the cave. They all come back to the tent and attempt to see the stars again, but they don’t see anything until the bats helpfully blow out the candles so they could see better. Finally, Owly and Wormy discover the beautiful star-filled night sky!