Whitney Troxel


Dependable, Primary, Annie Graves, Glenn McElhinney, Scary Stories, Halloween, Zombies, Brothers, Family

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Book Review


Every year Annie Graves hosts a Halloween sleepover with all her friends where they take turns telling scary stories. The second story is told by Jack, who thinks his older brother is a zombie. Jack and his brother used to be really close. But things began to change when Jack’s brother started high school. His skin turned green, he began to smell, and he even tried to take a bite out of Jack’s arm! Jack’s parents said they sent his brother to boarding school, but Jack keeps hearing strange noises coming from the attic. When he wakes up with a fingernail on his pillow, Jack’s parents finally tell him that they’ve been keeping his brother in the attic. Jack’s brother may be a zombie, but he’s still his brother and he has to look after him.