Whitney Troxel


Dependable, Primary, Annie Graves, Glenn McElhinney, Scary Stories, Halloween, Magic, Transformation

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Book Review


Every year Annie Graves hosts a Halloween sleepover with all her friends where they take turns telling scary stories. The first story is about a boy named Glen who was mean, always complained, and lied to everyone. When his class goes on a field trip to hike through the woods, Glen gets lost. He runs into a small person, about the size of the fairy. The small person places a spell on Glen. The next time Glen makes someone feel bad he'll start to turn into something more useful, but if he can go a full day without making anyone feel bad he'll turn back. The next day, Glen doesn't recognize himself in the mirror. His skin is pinker and pudgier than normal and he smells distinctly of ham. Glen goes to school and tries to be nice to everyone, but when he’s walking home from school he runs into a dog. When he goes the kick the dog, he turns into a pig. Nobody ever saw Glen again, but the dog looked fatter.