Article Title

The Monsterator


Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Preschool, Primary, Keith Graves, Monsters, Halloween, Poetry, Rhyming, Picture Book

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Book Review


Master Edgar Dreadbury thinks that Halloween is boring. Choosing a costume is a chore. Dressing up as a pirate, mummy, clown, or other things doesn't please him. He wanted to be something terrifying. When he goes to a different shop to find a costume, he puts a dime into a big, grimy machine called the MONSTERATOR. Edgar was MONSTERATED, turning him into something unrecognizable and terrifying everyone from squirrels to girls. When he’s decided that he’s done with scaring people on Halloween, he doesn’t know how to turn back into a human. In the end, he decides that staying as a monster is how he wants to be.