Whitney Troxel


Excellent, Young Adult, Robin LaFevers, Death, Assassins, War, France, Historical Fiction

Document Type

Book Review


Annith anxiously awaits her chance to serve outside the convent of Saint Mortain as a handmaiden of Death. Annith’s dreams of leaving the convent are shattered when the abbess announces Annith is to become the convent's new seeress. When the abbess leaves the convent to join Duchess’ council, Annith follows to confront her, convinced that the abbess is putting her own will above Mortain’s. Annith runs a group of hellequin, a group of men bound to serve Mortain to atone for their sins. Their leader, Balthazaar, offers her protection as they travel toward the same destination. Balthazaar is strangely familiar to Annith and finds herself drawn to him. But traveling with the hellequin takes too long and Annith escapes, eager to face the abbess. When Annith is finally able to confront the abbess—after being reunited with Ismae and Sybella—she learns that she is not a daughter of Mortain. Despite not being Mortain’s daughter, Annith uses her training and skills to save the Duchess, with the help of Balthazaar and the hellequin.