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Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Young Adult, Gina Damico, Devil, Crime, Teen Romance, Humor

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Book Review


Max starts his life of crime when he impulsively steals a cat knickknack for his mother who is dying of heart failure. Unfortunately for Max, this means that he’s opened himself to the influence of the devil. Or, one devil specifically (one of the 666 devils and is the Associate Imp of Salty Snacks) that he digs up when he’s looking for fossils. The devil’s name is Burgundy Cluttermuck, but he goes by Burg and promises to heal Max’s mother if Max can find him a house. Max learns that making deals with a devil is going to create bad situations, so he recruits Lore from his school to help him find a way to get rid of Burg and to save his mother’s life.