Article Title

Ash & Bramble


Whitney Troxel


Dependable, Young Adult, Sarah Prineas, Cinderella, Romance, Storytelling, Fairy Tale

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Book Review


Fairy tales don’t just happen, they are made. The Godmother’s fortress houses hundreds of slaves to create whatever she needs to complete the perfect story: dresses, candles, gingerbread, even glass slippers. With no memories, the slaves serve day in and day out. But a seamstress, Pin, begins to wonder about her life before the fortress and endless hours of stitching. With the help of Shoe, the shoemaker, she escapes the fortress. But the Godmother tracks her down, erases her memories again, and forces Pin into a fairy tale of her own. While the Godmother promises a happy ending, Pin knows there is no happiness in an ending she didn’t choose. With the help of Shoe, her own Prince Charming, and several other rebels, Pin is able to defeat the Godmother and allow everyone to create their own happily ever afters.