Roger Layton


Outstanding, Young Adult, Mary Shelley, Gris Grimly, Frankenstein, Classics, Graphic Novel

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Book Review


Few characters are as famous as Frankenstein's Monster, but the character you see in films and cartoons is not the real Frankenstein. Gris Grimly has taken Mary Shelley's original text from the 1800s and surrounded it with amazing drawings that draw you into the story. The original text of Frankenstein is a classic work that deals with lots of ideas that are very complex. While the ideas are important, the book doesn't have all the action you expect in a modern book. Grimly's work stays true to the text but adds richness. For example, many of the important points in the novel are communicated though letters. Grimly recreates the letters in various characters' own hand. Other parts of the tale, such as Frankenstein's travel and the important characters he meets in the book now have images to help you along.