Article Title

Ghost Knight


Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Intermediate, Cornelia Funke, Oliver Latsch, Andrea Offermann, Ghosts, Mystery, Boarding School

Document Type

Book Review


When John Whitcroft is sent off to boarding school, he’s not expecting to have to confront ghosts that are determined to make him pay for the mistakes of his ancestors. However, no one else can see the ghosts that are threatening him except for the quirky girl, Ella. John and Ella team up to try to stop the ghosts from making John’s life miserable. They recruit the help of a ghostly knight, Sir Longspee, who can protect John, but wants a favor in exchange. John and Ella agree to help the knight, answering both questions about John’s family history and why Sir Longspee spends his time as a ghost helping people.