Article Title

After the Snow


Roger Layton


Excellent, Young Adult, S.D. Crockett, Adventure, Survival, Judgement, Patience, Winter, Skills, Family

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Book Review


Growing up is tough, but for Willo it gets a lot tougher. Living in a land where winters are getting longer and longer, one day his family is taken away and he must survive on his own. Facing the challenges of wild animals, hungry strangers, and the constant cold, Willo finds his way as best he can while facing decisions that force him to decide who he wants to be. Does he want to be more human or should he listen to the animal in his nature? Should he stay in the wild mountains or sneak into the city? Is he better off on his own or can he trust people? Lucky for him he has the skills necessary to live in a cold northern European country and good parents who instilled values that he can rely on, although that may not be enough.