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Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Morgan Keyes, Fantasy, Animals

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Book Review


Like all the children in Keara’s world, she was blessed with an animal companion or darkbeast at her birth. The darkbeast has a magical connection to take upon themselves the faults and flaws of their human child. At the age of twelve, children sacrifice their darkbeasts to show they have left childhood and entered adulthood. But when Keara turns twelve, she cannot kill her darkbeast, Caw. Her failure causes her family to shun her and sets the religious order of the Inquisitors after her. She runs away with Caw and joins a caravan of actors called the Travelers. She keeps her age a secret and finds acceptance in the group. But when Keara’s friend, Goran, refuses to kill his own darkbeast and a Traveler discovers Keara’s secret, Inquisitors are set upon the two children. Only Goran’s grandfather, Taggart, helps the children escape.