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Cruel Beauty


Whitney Troxel


Dependable, Young Adult, Rosamund Hodge, Beauty And The Beast, Romance, Mythology, Demons

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Book Review


For 900 years, Arcadia has been ruled by the Gentle Lord, Ignifex—a powerful demon willing to bargain to grant his subjects wishes, but there are always unexpected costs. Nyx is the result of one of those bargains. In order to have children, her father agreed that one of his daughters would become Ignifex’s bride. The unexpected cost was his wife’s life. Determined for revenge against the Gentle Lord and free Arcadia from his cursed rule, Nyx’s father trained her to seduce, disarm, and kill her future husband. But when Nyx goes to live with Ignifex she discovers there is more to him than she could have possible imagined. As she searches for a way to destroy him, Nyx discovers she is falling in love with him. Eventually, she figures out how to save both Ignifex and Arcadia.