Article Title

Connect the Stars


Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Intermediate, Marisa De Los Santos, Friendship, Wilderness, Survival

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Book Review


Audrey and Aaron both have special gifts that make life difficult for them. Audrey can tell when people are lying and she can’t understand why everyone lies. Aaron remembers all the facts he comes across, but he has no understanding about how feelings work. They meet at a wilderness adventure camp with other kids who have challenges and been sent by their parents to deal with their individual struggles. They meet Kate, a girl who is sad all the time but has the ability to understand those around her, and Louis who has hypersensitivity to such an extreme that it makes his life difficult. They go on challenges set by the camp leader, Jare, while trying to deal with the bullying of two other campers, Daphne and Randolph. When Daphne disappears, all of the kids learn to appreciate their own strengths and get over their challenges to help each other survive the desert.