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123 versus ABC


Liz Kazandzhy


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Mike Boldt, Alphabet, Numbers, Picture Book, Humor

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Book Review


This is a book about, well… the characters can’t quite seem to figure it out! The numbers think it should be about numbers, but the letters are intent on it being about letters. They bicker back and forth until an Alligator shows up. The leader of the letters points out that Alligator starts with A, while the number leader states that it’s clearly 1 Alligator. This goes back and forth, with the numbers getting bigger and bigger and the alphabet moving up, for example a 10-piece Jigsaw puzzle being put together by 11 Koalas and 12 Lions. Finally, after all their shouting and fighting, A and 1 come to a peaceful agreement that the book is about numbers AND letters.