Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Henry Cole, Underground Railroad, African Americans, Slavery, Picture Book

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Book Review


Along the road home, a young girl watches several Confederate soldiers pass her by. Once back at her farmstead, the girl begins her chores, one of which is to fetch food from the larder. As she gathers food, the girl senses someone hiding behind the recently harvested corn. Frightened, the girl runs away. That night, however, the girl cannot stop thinking about the stranger’s needs. Later she returns offering both food and friendship. As the days pass, the girl continues to safeguard her secret visitor. One day two men come to the farm looking for an escaped slave. The girl knows they are searching for her guest. When she goes to warn him, he is gone but has left behind a cornhusk doll.