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Cynthia Frazier


Excellent, Intermediate, John David Anderson, Superheroes, Middle School, Adventure, Self-Confidence, Relationships, Humor

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Book Review


When Andrew Bean was a baby it was discovered that he had a rare condition called hypersensatia that caused him to see and hear, taste and smell things better than 6 billion other people in the world. He always thought of this as a disability, but when he reached middle school he was recruited into an elite group of kids with superpowers apprenticed as sidekicks to adult superheroes. It was through this secret H.E.R.O. program that select students practiced using and honing their powers. Training to ‘save the world,’ they met 3 days a week in the basement of the school. Each member of the group possessed a special ability: walking through walls, fantastic martial arts, turning into granite, super human strength and stopping time. Drew learns that his gifts can make a difference as he and his sidekick friends thwart a supervillain who threatens to destroy superheroes and rule the city