Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Soman Chainani, Magic, Gender, Princes, Princess, Battles, Fairy Tale, Good And Evil

Document Type

Book Review


Once best friends, Sophie and Agatha are now bitter enemies. Both of them, however, are questioning their happy endings with the School Master and Tedros. Tedros and Agatha decide to return to the world of the school to save Sophie, but Sophie is not sure that she wants to be saved if it means that she doesn’t get a true love and a happy ending of her own. Because she was able to love the School Master when love was always on good’s side, evil villains from classic tales are coming to life for another chance at their happy endings. Sophie embraces her evil and Agatha embraces her good, leading to a dramatic war between the ones who believe in keeping the balance between good and evil and those who want nothing but evil.