Aylea Stephens


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Young Adult, Soman Chainani, School, Boarding School, Teen Romance, Danger, Tests, Competition, Fairy Tale, Good And Evil

Document Type

Book Review


Agatha and Sophie are sent back to the School for Good and Evil when Sophie makes a wish for a different happy ending. However, because Agatha chose Sophie instead of her prince, the school is no longer how they knew it. Instead of good vs. evil, it is now boys vs. girls as the girls have decided that they no longer need princes, and the princes are forced to live in the forest instead of the school. The girls can now dress as they want and are taught how to be strong and self-sufficient, but also are taught that all men are evil. Agatha still longs for Tedros and to return things to normal, but realizes that she will have to choose between Tedros and Sophie again. Agatha needs to write “the end” on a new ending to get things back to normal, but first she has to decide what she truly wants.