Article Title

Pillage #2: Choke


Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Obert Skye, Magic, Fantasy, Dragons

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Book Review


When a school prank lands Beck in the hospital, three strange visitors come to see him: an annoying journalist; a pasty-white, hooded man; and a killer plant. These three visits cause Beck to plant the last dragon stone. Beck is warned that if he does not hatch and kill the dragon, Beck’s father will be lost. However, when Beck sees the newborn queen dragon, he is entranced. Keeping his plans hidden from everyone, except Kate and Wyatt, Beck raises the queen thinking he can control her. But his family’s curse drives the queen out of hiding to pillage Kingsplot. When Beck reluctantly decides to stop the queen, both the journalist and the hooded man will try anything to keep Beck from destroying her.