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Blueberries For Sal


Chelsie Troxel


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Robert McCloskey, Blueberry, Children, Picture Book, Bears

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Book Review


Little Sal and her Mother spend an afternoon picking blueberries on Blueberry Hill. Sal finds the blueberries delicious and ends up eating more than she puts in her pail. After walking and picking for a while, Sal gets tired and sits to rest and eat more blueberries. Meanwhile, a mother bear and her little baby bear are out eating blueberries as well. Little bear loves the blueberries and sits to eat them all. While both the little bear and little Sal are busy eating blueberries they find themselves alone and in search of their mothers. Sal then looks to find her mother and hears a noise. She comes right up to follows mother bear, thinking it is her mother. Baby bear goes looking for her mother and follows Sal's mother. When Sal's Mother and mother bear both find that it was not their baby following behind, they panic and go searching for their child. Little bear and mother bear are united and eat berries the whole way home. Sal and her Mother find each other an bring berries home to can for the winter.